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Corruption ‘is an art of selfishness’ and leads to poor service delivery

  • by African Times
  • 3 Years ago
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Ernest Mabasa

CORRUPTION and lack of “sense of urgency” in the municipalities in Limpopo were the major factors for bad service delivery and maladministration, independent political analyst Themba Nkwinika has said. Speaking to African Times, Nkwinika said factions in the municipalities have negative impact on the functions and administration, and lead to the collapse of municipalities. He also said it was clear that when a municipality was led by corrupt leaders, the public suffer.
“When corruption takes place, it’s a sign of weakness in the government institutions. What fuels corruption in municipalities differ from one to the other. It could happen that in one municipality, there is corrupt leadership that takes deliberate action to see that the environment is conducive for corruption, and collapse all government administration to push corruption.
“Remember when one defines corruption, corruption is a situation where people who have been given responsibility to do their jobs use their positions to enrich themselves. Corruption is an act of selfishness. When you are involved in corruption, it means you redirect funds servicing the public to enrich certain group of people,” Nkwinika said.
He also said some employees go to work to push a ticket while other do their work with dedication. He said municipalities perform bad because of the under qualified and inexperienced personnel. “Unskilled workers in local government is a reality. Many municipalities, you will find that people occupy top positions are not experts in those jobs. Some of them do not have experience. In 2007, the national department of Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) tried to intervene to solve capacity when they tried to deploy retired experts from technical services and financial management, hoping to build capacity of employees. They did not fulfil skill gap that is there,” he said.
However, Vhembe Executive mayor Florence Radzilani has said now they are hard at work, fighting against lazy workers for life betterment of the public. She also said that people work at the municipality because they want to provide services not to create unnecessary factions.
“We are not going to hesitate to act (against reluctant employees) particularly because there are provincial resolutions to say let there be consequences for employees who do not want to work. Because if you do something wrong today we cannot leave as it is. We cannot enjoy to receive disclaimers when we have officials who do not commit themselves. We must work hard because we gather in the government only for one purpose-for service to the people,” she said.
“What is lacking is the sense of urgency. We must bring them to knowledge that when they work, there must be a sense of urgency. Things that must be done today must not be postponed for tomorrow. They must recommit themselves to their work. This is because failure to do that is failure to deliver,” she said.

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