Limpopo ANC throws weight behind Premier Stan Mathabatha

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The African National Congress (ANC) in Limpopo has thrown its weight behind premier Stanley Mathabatha amid widespread speculation within the alliance about his imminent sacking by President Jacob Zuma.


CLOSING RANKS: ANC Limpopo Secretary Nocks Seabi

Provincial secretary Nocks Seabi on Wednesday told reporters that the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) still had confidence in Mathabatha and that he would complete his term of office.

He said the PEC continues to function as a collective where almost all decisions are taken through consensus.

“We hereby reiterate the fact that there is no discussion within the PEC about a motion of no confidence against the premier or his recall. The media allegations have referred to unnamed members of the PEC who approached the president and national officials proposing a recall of the premier.

As the PEC of Limpopo, we are still having a confidence in our premier and we are calling at everybody who’s passing the motion of no confidence through the back door that this will not be allowed and is unfortunate that those who are passing the motion know that they don’t have the capacity to do that,” he said.

Seabi explained that if the allegations of a recall are true, they don’t represent the views of the entire PEC.

He called on alliance partners to refrain from fuelling “imaginary divisions” in the ANC PEC and raise whatever concerns they may have about the provincial leadership with the party.

This came amid persistent speculation in and outside Limpopo that President Zuma was set to replace Mathabatha with ANC MPL Rosia Mogotlane as premier. Mogotlane is a former Waterburd district mayor.

“Our engagement forums with our alliance partners remain active and vibrant for any engagement with our allies. Through our premier’s leadership we are still looking forward to delivering for our people,” he said.


UNITED FRONT: Convenor of NEC deployees to Limpopo, Ruth Bhengu and ANC Limpopo Deputy Secretary Makoma Makhurupetje.

Convenor of the ANC national executive committee deployees to Limpopo, Ruth Bhengu, said the ANC doesn’t react to media reports.

She said they take decisions that are informed by the processes of the ANC.

The processes of appointing premiers are done through the ANC structures and have nothing to do with President Jacob Zuma, she maintained.

“No one should point the finger at the president’s cabinet reshuffle. It is very crucial to bring young energetic blood upfront.

We do support and respect the cabinet reshuffling by the presidents and through it, we hope to plow more back to our people,” said Bhengu.

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