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  • DA is a racist party that uses black people to win votes – MKMVA

DA is a racist party that uses black people to win votes – MKMVA

  • by African Times
  • 3 Years ago
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 THE Umkhonto We Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has accused the Democratic Alliance(DA) of being a racist party that uses black leadership to win black votes during the elections.

The MKMVA was reacting to the DA’s press conference addressed by the party’s suspended leader Hellen Zille and its current president Mmusi Maimane on Zille’s offensive tweet.

In March, the Western Cape premier had defended colonialism and claimed it was not entirely bad after all.

This led to a public fall out between Zille and Maimane, compounded by her subsequent defence of the tweet.

After showing Maimane the middle finger and refusing to apologise for three months, Zille finally caved into public and party pressure and did so.

However, the MKMVA has dismissed her apology as a farce.

UNITY CALL: President Jacob Zuma has urged MKMVA members to unite.

 “The majority of black people are not fooled by their disdainful treatment of us. We know that Mmusi is a stooge and that James Selfe and Helen Zille remain his masters. We know that he cannot make a turn without having to ask for their permission. As with Madam Zille, the racist likes of Dianne Kohler-Barnard, Sam Pienaar (the trojan horse killer from Cape Town), Chris Roberts (who calls blacks baboons) remain firmly ensconced and in control of the DA” said MKMVA President Kebby Maphatsoe.

“After such an insulting and racist confirming event that DA presented to our nation, we call on every black South African to reject them. From the moment that the white dominated and controlled DA decided to front the hapless Mmusi Maimane as their leader, we have been watching a charade unfolding. It trans-morphed this morning into a tragicomedy when after weeks of consternation and procrastination with unsuspended suspensions the DA finally got so far as to get stooge Maimane and Madam Zille together in a pathetic attempt to try and whitewash Zille and save Maimane’s flagging political career.”

He added: ” Once again, the DA did what they always do, and that is to resort to farcical PR gimmicks to try and fool South Africans into believing that they are a non-racial party. It turned out that on both counts the deeply divided DA failed.

Maphatsoe said the fact that Zille remains the DA Premier of the Western Cape, with all her governing powers intact, was proof that Maimane was nothing but a stooge.

“Madam Zille sat tight-lipped with barely disguised anger next to a spluttering Maimane who in his desperate attempt to appear decisive looked even more uncomfortable and shifty than usual in her presence. At the end of the excruciatingly embarrassing media conference, Maimane was once and for all exposed for the spineless marionette that he is. Zille is supposedly not being allowed to be part of any DA decision-making structures, but she remains a full member of the DA.”

The DA seems to hold the majority of black South Africans in disdain to think that they can be fooled by such trickery, added Maphatsoe.

When contacted for comment, DA national spokesperson Phumzile Van Damme referred all questions to the Chairperson of the DA Federal Executive, James Selfe, who failed to answer his phone.

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