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Police open fire at protesting University of Limpopo students

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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THE University of Limpopo’s (UL) campus was once again the scene of chaos as angry students clashed with campus security on Thursday morning.

The campus in Turfloop is currently under heavy police guard, as management fear that the situation could spiral out of control.

Students and management held a meeting on Wednesday over the wizzit impasse but failed to reach a consensus.

CHAOTIC SCENES: University of Limpopo in Mankweng, Limpopo. Photo: Lebogang Makwela/ Visual Buzz SA.

Earlier today, what started as a peaceful match by students turned into a chaotic scene, leaving few students injured when campus security opened fire with rubber bullets.

Students have since boycotted academic activities until their demands are met.

They say university management is ripping them off with their Wizzit allowance meant to purchase foodstuffs.

According to students, they are forced to spend 50 % to buy food at the university cafeteria which charges exorbitant prices.

However, part of the allowance sets aside the rest of the 50 % to buy elsewhere.

The students say they are fighting for financial freedom, reiterating that will continue with protest action until they are granted 100 % of the money.

ANGRY: University of Limpopo Deputy SRC president Given Malatji says the institution is ripping off poor students. Photo: Lebogang Makwela/Visual Buzz SA.

Student Representative Council deputy president, Given Malatji said, “All that we are fighting for is financial freedom. The university is ripping us off with this 50% on campus purchase with pricing fixing. This means we don’t have full access to our money. This is illegal and we are prepared to fight tooth and nail. We have decided that we are not returning to classes until we receive notifications that our wizzit money is not divided.”       

 President of the Azanian Students Convention, Mahlomola Matsetela has condemned the shooting by campus security.

“It was uncalled for for the guards to open fire to people who were marching peacefully. We were protesting in a peaceful manner when all of a sudden we were confronted by the riot unit of the security company. They even arrested one of us but with the intervention of the police, our fellow comrade was released. During the scuffle, some of the students sustained injuries and at the moment they are receiving medical attention. It is not clear at the moment as to when will we return to classes,” he said. 

The campus was the sea of colourful t-shirts of student leadership structures.

During the fracas, the fence on the west wing was brought down while refuse was spilled all over the place as dustbins were turned upside down.  


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