A family store for audio products in Polokwane


IN case you have been wondering where to get the latest audio gadgets, a turn at Audio Corporation at the intersection of Grobler and Biccard Streets, a heartbeat from the Polokwane CBD will be definitely worthwhile.

As you set your foot from the Grobler side, you are welcomed by an assortment of lights as they turn and twist while giant speakers boom as loud decibels.

VALUE: Customers can choose from a variety of products which the store
has to offer. ADVERTORIAL

In their different sizes and colours, they can either leave you light-headed or simply grab your enthusiasm if indeed you are a fanatic of these modern appliances.

The Audio Corporation store has been around for quite sometimes now and has been the preferred audio shop in many communities in Limpopo.

Trying to make comparison of the old and new stores, one realises that the new establishment has gone under a tremendous metamorphosis.

Its owner, Chris van Schalkwyk, has revamped and rebranded the store so as to make the store much more exciting, with a hugely extended range, and a totally different marketing philosophy.

Tom Rabie, who is the Operations Manager, said: “We are now a much more user friendly, much more service orientated, family store where great service, great prices and a very wide range of products can be found, catering for instance, dad with his home theatre and high-end sound, big screen television sets, mom and her kitchen appliances or Android TV decoder to the kid TV games, music instruments, car audio and many other gadgets.”

Rabie explained further: “We also cater for churches, mortuaries, disco bar lounges and much more, offering complete started packs.

“We also offer rentals, repairs and trade-ins and a host of other products.

“We thrive on specials to bring joy to any bargain hunter.

“We have a highly qualified staff who will give excellent advice when customers make their purchases as well as professional installation to ensure that all bases are covered with every purchase.

“In short, we are a dynamic, very friendly store where you will enjoy your shopping experience and find great value for your money and the best service after and after sales service in town.”

Some of their great products include, among others, HI-FI, home theatre, TVs, LCD, LED and plasma sets, a wide range of musical instruments, PA systems, CCTV, small appliances, Dstv and gaming accessories.

Their services include retail, Dstv sales and wholesale to installers, installations, professional wiring installations, hiring of PA systems for small and big events, CCTV installations, car audio installations and repairs of all electrical products.

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