Attempts to quell Vuwani shutdown flop


ATTEMPTS to bring an end to the Vuwani shutdown have failed following a meeting held over the weekend with the residents.

The Malamulele Demarcation Task Team which now identifies itself as the Collins Chabane Task has vowed to shut down the entire area if the LIM345 municipality is not rendering services.

The imbizo was held at the Malamulele Boxing Gym on Sunday by Malamulele and Hlanganani residents seeking to end the current impasse.

Collins Chabane Task Team spokesperson Isaac Nukeri said the meeting was held by residents in order to get an update on service delivery issues in the area.

“A resolution was taken that LIM345 would be responsible for rendering services to Vuwani as per the revenue allocation.

“We just want clarity from the powers that be of how will this matter be resolved because if these matters are left unsolved it could jeopardize the smooth running of the municipality.

“Because if the ongoing Vuwani issues continue to jeopardize the municipality, we will be forced to intervene and that is when we will be talking about a shutdown,” he said.

Nukeri said that their sudden move was prompted by the MEC of COGHSTA Makuma Makurupetje’s opening of the municipal offices in Vuwani without informing stakeholders.

“There was a commotion over social media calling for a total shutdown because she (Makurupetje) went and opened those offices without clarifying towards all stakeholders of her reasons behind the opening.

“She should have first met with the council of LIM345 beforehand but she never did,” he said.

Nukeri said the community decided to give the MEC and the ruling party a chance to explain her decision of not involving them and put on hold their planned protest.

“We should have already started striking but we decided that we should first approach the leadership of the ANC Provincial Executive Committee to get clarity on the way forward.

“So we are still waiting for a meeting that will be held on Thursday with the ANC PEC so that it will be known that we are responsible leaders because we cannot just let people go astray.

“What we want to know is that when people start breaking the law, will the police also arrest the MEC because she has also violated the law.

“She has previously failed to stop the war and when these issues start again she will run back to the National Government for assistance,” said Nukeri.

The Pro-Makhado Task Team, on the other hand, has vowed to continue with its shut down. Spokesperson Nsovo Sambo said the shutdown would continue until the provincial government responds to their demands.

“There is no longer anything we need to say either than the shutdown is continuing and that the government has not responded to our demands,” said Sambo.

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