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David Mabuza: Growth of ANC in Mpumalanga proof that party is alive


African Times News Digital Edition | www.africantimesnews.co.za | @AfricanTimesSA

MPUMALANGA African National Congress chairperson David Mabuza says the party’s growth in his province is proof that the liberation movement is alive and strong.

Mabuza said Mpumalanga is now a force to be reckoned with now due to its growth. He said the reason why other provinces have been struggling to emulate his province was down to gatekeeping.

“This means the ANC is alive and strong in Mpumalanga. We are a force to reckoned with. However we did not do well, actually, we wanted to have about 600 000 members but we standing at one hundred and eighty thousands. If Mpumalanga has 180 000 members that means Eastern Cape has less than us and the entire country has dropped in terms of membership,” said Mabuza.

He added that gatekeeping and administration problems were robbing the movement of the possibility of growing into something bigger.

“What I think has contributed to the drop is gatekeeping. People are unable to join the party because some people are not allowing them. Another is administratively where our existing members are not reminded to renew their membership. We are trying to do that, we think maybe if people can be reminded to renew either via SMS or letter, that could help us keep the existing number of members,” said Mabuza.

Mpumalanga is the second largest province heading to the conference with 736 delegates after KwaZulu-Natal with 870 delegates. Mabuza’s province has surpassed the Eastern Cape which now stands at 648 delegates.

With the second biggest number of delegates, Mpumalanga is seen as the kingmaker heading to the conference.

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