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TransformRSA responds to allegations on FBI investigations

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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TransformRSA views Mr. Hain’s recent actions and subversion attempts as a sloppy distraction to the social momentum being gained around jump starting true economic change in SA.  The average South African should learn that Hain is no stranger to delving into controversy to push western agendas and undermine developing nations.

His record reflects that during Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini’s term as foreign minster, she wrote to the British government complaining about Mr Hain’s unethical tactics in undermining South Africa’s foreign policy. These escalating methods of a well planned regime change agenda, entail misrepresentations, dissemination of fear, as well as false flag attacks. It’s revealing just how resolved the enemies of our democracy are in reversing the gains won since 1994, and primarily towards misrepresting Radical Economic Transformation to the majority South Africans.

Let it be clear that these attempts are meant to covertly communicate to the Republic and the people of South Africa that SA is no more than a defacto colonial enclave of  Britain and it’s western allies. We say to Peter Hain and his collaborators that we see you for what you are, and will not relent in exposing what dirty tricks are played by Hain and his sinister allies.

TransformRSA stands firmly and unapologetically behind our democratically elected government. We say firmly that Radical Economic Transformation will be implemented in South Africa come rain, sunshine, or snow. Our resolve to Radical Economic Transformation remains resolute and we are defiant against all interference on our sovereignty by any foreign powers and their domestic components. South Africa will be transformed and our people’s material living conditions will be radically improved. We will continue to struggle for and protect our sovereignty until every acre of our land is returned.

Issued by National Transformation team on behalf of TransformRSA

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