Mopedy: ‘I lost my passion for music’

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  • 2 Years ago
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African Times reporter Mokgadi Raboshakga spoke to Limpopo-born Sepedi Rapper Mopedy on his comeback after taking a two year break from the music industry.

MR:You took a two year break from the music industry, why did you decide to take a break?

MP:To be honest the break was taken out of frustration. By the time i decided to take a break i was the most played Limpopo based hiphop artist on radio. One of the most publicized and talked about artist in the province, I was amongst the highest booked artists and most upcoming artists would have loved to be in the position I was in but for me the excitement was gone. The excitement of hearing my music on the radio and those butterflies that 1 should have before rocking the stage didnt exist momore. Thats when i felt that i had lost passion for what i was doing. I therefore decided to take a break from making music so that i remind myself of the real reasons that got me in the industry. I needed to miss making music so that i could fall in love again. I needed to redevelop the hunger for the studio, the stage, the street and the microphone.

MR: It appears you have made a comeback with your hit single Ke rata jwala, how would you describe the process of working on new music?

MP:Im now hungrier and more determined than ever before. Everytime i get an opportunity to step in the studio i make sure that i give it my all and enjoy every second. One of the most important changes I’ve made is that instate of striving to work with known or big producers I prioritize and value new and untapped talents. I feed of the energy and hunger of young producers. The extra effort they put into their beats and whole production process pushes me to give it my 110% , and that is the secret behind my comeback hits.

MR: What have you been up to all this time?

MP:I’ve been focusing on sharing my music industry knowledge with younger upcoming artists through talks and artist management. I’ve founded a charity organization that help dress babies aged between birth and 5years called “Help Us Dress A Baby” and ive been focusing on being a good father to my 2 year old daughter Leago.

MR: How has the music industry changed since the last time?

MP:In the rap field vernac has slowly lost its dominance, which is something we need to grab back. Big businesses have finally started seeing the benefit of investing part of their marketing budgets in the music industry. I’ve also noted how woke our people have become, our people are now more open to supporting their own musicians more that imported talent.

MR: How would you describe the current state of Hip Hop music in SA?

MP: It’s profitable. Rappers are now living the rap life and thats because most rappers are starting to invest more in their products and branding. I wish that level of thinking could infiltrate the limpopo hip hop industry and inspire our artists to work harder in pushing their works because we have super talented musicians here at home. Thats on the business side, when it come to the music side I’ve realised hip hop has become more musical than lyrical.

MR: What advice would you give to an aspiring Hip hop artist?

MP: Gone are the days when music was a hobby and you were force to have “something to fall back on”. I’d advice any music who has 100% faith in their craft to give in the 100% because theres a good chance that will be exactly what they get in return. The ground is fertile now more than ever before.

MR: When can fans expect an album from you?

MP: I’m working on my return album which will be titled PEU. Although I havent set a release date yet I can assure all my supporters that it will be ready and release early 2018.

MR: Who are some of the people that you would like to work with?

MP: I’d like to work with lots and lots of young talent that is hungry to be exposed to the music world. And I’ve already started working with them in preparing for PEU.

On ‘Ke Rata Jwala’ I’ve worked with on super talent ‘Decker’ and on another single that I’ve just released ‘Setjo’ I’ve worked with one of the best newly discovered vocalist ‘Machete’.

MR: What has been some of the most memorable moments for you in the music industry?

MP: Every time somebody stops me to talk about a newspaper article, radio interview, tv appearance or performance that I did years ago, those moments always humbles me.

MR: What is next for Mopedy?

MP: PEU in 2018, Help Us Dress A Baby is on a campaign to dress 10 thousand babies by the 21st of December I’m excited about that. And I’m just taking it one day at a time to become the best person, father, musician, entrepreneur that I can be.

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