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Transform RSA press release on Black Monday marches

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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30/10/ 2017

TransformRSA views the Black Monday Farm murders march as a march intended to spark racial turmoil and division, and yet there is nothing black about the marches. The call by Agriforum, Afriforum etc to march against against Farm killings and murder is a deceptive call with an intention to promote racial supremacy by highlighting only one side of the issue regarding murder and killings in South Africa.

The fact is that according to stats 19,016 people murder in 2016/2017 period and in that figure about 71 farmers (white) have been reported to be murdered. Surprisingly the march organisers across the country have chosen to focus on the lives of only 71 people killed in South Africa. Our people in SA are murdered everyday and the killings takes place across the country in rural and urban areas.

Why march only for one sector of society and exclude all other lives affected. Does the lives of blacks not count. Why must the emphasis be on white murder only and not all violent murder crimes reported in SA. The march has received overwhelming support from ultra right and white supremacist groups like FF+, DA, Afriforum and others. And yet non of these groups have ever marched to stop all violent murder crimes in South Africa.

TransformRSA wishes to advice the black monday marches organisers staging protest across SA to consider for the next time that every life is important. Not just white people’s lives on farms. Their march is turning racist because it is one sided it only focuses on one racial group. All people murdered die because death has no color it affects all humans.

Every murder must be condemned and all killers must be prosecuted and punished. There is no need to emphasise color. We all agree and speak in one voice when we say crime and killings in South Africa is out of order. We also need to condemn every act of violence, crime, killing, murder and robbery. Let us not racialise the issue and forget about all others murders taking place daily.

And for the record as TransformRSA our heart bleeds for every life that is lost Black, White, Coloured, Indian and all other nationalities. We have nothing against white people nor farmers we support the cause of all in our society. But we refuse to support racially motivated marches intended to create racial tensions and create the false narrative of a white genocide. We strive for a democratic country based on non racial, non sexist society premised on the value system that all people are equal.

But to racialise Farm killings issue and march using the old Zuid Afrika Apartheid flag is absolutely wrong. That grand gesture of using the old Apartheid flags takes us back to everything we fought against to liberate South Africa. And to see marches supported by well known political parties and civil society organisations gives a stark reminder that indeed SA of today is not yet transformed. To march and protect the rights of one group in our society and highlight the interests of one color is prejudicial and wrong.

Lets stand together and protect every life.

TransformRSA stands firmly and unapologetically behind our democratically elected government. We say firmly that Radical Economic Transformation will be implemented in South Africa come rain, sunshine, or snow. Our resolve to Radical Economic Transformation remains resolute and we are defiant against all interference on our sovereignty by any foreign powers and their domestic components. South Africa will be transformed and our people’s material living conditions will be radically improved. We will continue to struggle for and *protect lives, our sovereignty until every acre of our land is returned.

Issued by National Transformation Team on behalf of TransformRSA (TRSA – Transform the Republic of South Africa).

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