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  • Polokwane Mayor Thembi Nkadimeng gets death threats

Polokwane Mayor Thembi Nkadimeng gets death threats

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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Polokwane leader to beef up security


POLOKWANE mayor Thembi Nkadimeng is toying with the idea of increasing her security detail following death threats direct at her and her family.

Nkadimeng said she was shocked by the death threat that has been circulating on social media.

“I have opened a case with the police and they are busy with the investigations now. Currently, I am under both security assessments in which I am still yet to determine whether I should upgrade my security services but I am hopeful that the law will take its course,” said Nkadimeng.

The death threat was posted on Facebook last week Friday by Beefie Nkoana. In the post, Nkoana said: Kill the mayor of Polokwane!! Hands off Seshego councillors!! Hands off ward 11 hands off!! Kill the mayor of Polokwane Municipality Thembi Nkadimeng!! Kill her children!! Burn her house!! Kill Phillip Ramasenya!! Kill this gay!!

Nkadimeng said she believed that the social media post was motivated by the municipality’s consultative meeting with Seshego residents over the distribution of land. She further indicated that the threat has hampered her ability to carry out her duties.

“This threat came after we held a meeting with the beneficiaries of Seshego over the distribution of land and sites. I have been advised not to go to the office for now until the assessment has been done. But I appreciate the support so that me and my children are able to carry on with our lives,” said Nkandimeng.

Mkhonto WeSizwe Military Veterans Association (MKVA) has come to her defence. MKMVA provincial secretary Jack Lulamile said those who are unhappy with how things operate should find other mechanisms to raise their grievances and should refrain from threatening office bearers.

“Leaders are elected into those positions in order to service the masses and they are guided by policies and principles. If you are not happy with the manner in which services are allocated, you must find a way of safely placing your grievances without threatening people with their lives. She [Nkadimeng] is not alpha and omega of the municipality because she must also work with other councillors,” he said.

Lulamile said the organisation would be deploying its members to offer security as they feared the situation might escalate to violence.

“We will engage the mayor on Thursday and if it is necessary we will try and assist her with protection. We cannot allow a situation where mayors are being threatened regardless of their role of office. Because these acts are similar to the incidents that involve people who are anti-African such as the City of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba who threatened to chase away foreigners in that province. So we cannot allow a situation where our own democratically elected mayors are threatened by people who we do not even know,” he said.

Lulamile added that although they fully supported Nkadimeng, there was more to what meets the eye concerning the municipality’s interaction with residents of Seshego. He said the issues in Seshego have long been overdue.

“We know that our people are crying in terms of poor services but we are not encouraging a situation where people are being threatened by murder. It is not only Seshego that is suffering because service delivery in rural areas is poor. We have been saying this repeatedly to the mayor including the provincial government that they were dragging their feet in providing services to rural areas,” said Lulamile.

EFF provincial leader Jossey Buthane condemned the threats and labelled them satanic. He, however, indicated that the person who posted the message has no connections to the party.

“The person who wrote that post is not even a member of the EFF in ward 11. So we distance ourselves from those statements because they incite violence. I also took to social media to say that the threats or rather intentions to kill Cde Thembi Nkadimeng are purely satanic and must be condemned by all sectors of the society. We just lost Sindiso Magaqa now someone is instigating that the mayor of Polokwane must be assassinated and her family ambushed,” he said.

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