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  • Transform RSA: “Hands off SASSA, leave our grants money alone”

Transform RSA: “Hands off SASSA, leave our grants money alone”

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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Date 02/11/ 2017

African Times News Digital Edition | www.africantimesnews.co.za | @AfricanTimesSA

TransformRSA noted with great concern the continuous attempts from the DA and other civil society’s organisations to put pressure and push SASSA to give over the payments of grants to the Post Office without following due process and ignore all other issues raised. And the reality behind this sinister move is that the public is kept ignorant about the real facts behind these quick move to have the Post Office take over payments of grants.

It will be wrong to ignore the issues and concerns raised by the Department of Social Welfare during the week at the SCOPA hearing. The truth is that at this stage the Post Office is not ready to distribute and take over payments of social grants. There has not been a proper tendering process to appoint suitable SA based black suppliers to help the Post office build the systems to administer the payment of grants.

The major concerning issue is that the Post Office is now used as a front entity while the entire back office and systems of the Post Office are outsourced and managed by major corporations and multinationals, this is clearly a process to bypass PFMA regulatory framework and SOE’s procurement policies. Of the companies which the Post Office will use to administer payments of grants is Gemalto, a well known US European  WMC company and Standard Bank. At a closer look the opposition parties concerns are not about grant beneficiaries, but the entities that will be doing grant payments and SAPO WMC contractors beneficiaries.

This move totally goes against the policy of Radical Economic Transformation and undermines the efforts our government is making in driving economic transformation. When will black companies participate in the full economic value chain of SA while our very own Post Office prefers to empower foreign based multinationals to do the work South African black companies and state entities could be doing.

As TransformRSA we are not concern about the internal procurement processes to appoint suppliers by the Post Office. The SCOPA enquiry has indicated that there seem to be preferred providers within SAPO to do grant payments. And the crisis tactics used by those who stand to benefit are a means to deviate from the procurement and regulatory processes of governement and SOE’s. Thus appoint providers to the Post Office without following procurement regulations and due process.

In conclusion, SCOPA enquiry process must not be used to bullying SASSA into submission to negotiate with the POST OFFICE in favour of the Post Bank and its preferred suppliers. Politicians and opposition parties must  respect the processes and cease interfering for the sake of the poor and most vulnerable people in South Africa. We call on our members and specific to all grant beneficiaries to stay calm and remember that grants were always paid on time and without any delays to date.

Lets stand together and protect rights of the most vulnerable in our society.

TransformRSA stands firmly and unapologetically behind our democratically elected government. We say firmly that Radical Economic Transformation will be implemented in South Africa come rain, sunshine, or snow. Our resolve to Radical Economic Transformation remains resolute and we are defiant against all interference on our sovereignty by any foreign powers and their domestic components. South Africa will be transformed and our people’s material living conditions will be radically improved. We will continue to struggle for and protect lives, our sovereignty until every acre of our land is returned.

Issued by National Transformation team on behalf of TransformRSA (TRSA – Transfrom the Republic of South Africa)

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