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Makhurupetje: Reshuffle wasn’t to save me

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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BUKUTA NKUNA FORMER Coghsta MEC Makoma Makhurupetje says the recent reshuffle in the province was not to save her from the ongoing investigations into the irregular purchase of land in Tubatse.

Premier Stan Mathabatha moved Makhurupetje to the department of transport.

She told reporters that the move was not a favour for her.

“I am not being saved by anyone because the matter is with the HAWKS. If the HAWKS find that there is a criminal element then I will be arrested.

“There is nothing that either the MEC or Premier including the President can do in order to save anyone from any wrongdoing. Criminality is criminality irrespective of who has done what offence.

“So from where I am seating the matter is with the HAWKS and on the basis of the criminality act, they will make a determination on how to proceed,” she said.

Opposition parties have been vying for her head. Both the DA and EFF have called for the law to take its course with the latter having opened a case against her. She, however, indicated that she was not aware of any case having been opened against her.

“There is no charge against me and whoever says that there is a criminal case, I have not received any charge.

“So people only say that through the media as if there is some fraud and I also ask myself whether there is any deliberate motive of trying to have a smear campaign against me in which the media and our own law enforcement agencies are being used.

I will monitor the situation and see how it goes in order to make a proper determination to see whether it is a smear campaign or not,” said Makurupetje

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