New Day Clinic takes on addictions

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Healthcare facility makes a difference by treating drug and alcohol addicts


IN THE world of business, so much emphasis is placed on profit generating mechanisms for faster returns that one tends to forget about the importance of social entrepreneurship in addressing the needs of our disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

Social entrepreneurship, in the bigger scheme of things expands beyond some of the good work carried out by non-governmental organisations in South Africa.

In a country where poverty alleviation continues to elude the majority of our communities and access to health care remains all but a pipe dream for many who live below the poverty line, there is a growing business case for well established mainstream entrepreneurs to bring in the social factor in the world of business.

Rightfully, entrepreneurship has been identified as the main engine that will stimulate economic growth in South Africa as our quest to realise effective job creation remains at the centre of governments national development agenda.

However, an underlying question remains; how do we measure economic growth when our people are at the margins basic medical health?

Also, in order for any community to grow, not only does it need access to generic health care, but it also needs affordable drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities to treat addiction.

Addiction, in South Africa is a disease that has ripped apart many families. It has seen many businesses ran into the ground, and people losing their jobs and their careers as a result of careless alcohol and drug abuse, mainly due to the lack of psychiatric institutions to deal with these problems.

These thoughts were at the centre of the establishment of New Day Clinic by Sifiso Makhanya, a medical doctor and entrepreneur whose passion is to make a difference by addressing the needs of some of our disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

The clinic is a subsidiary of Isinamuva Health Group, co-owned by himself and business partner and fellow doctor Nondumiso Khumalo.

Makhanya, who also runs a wide range of healthcare facilities known as Khanyisa Health in KZN and Gauteng started life as a youth in the, dusty, poverty stricken township of Newtown A, in Inanda, north of Durban.

Witnessing firsthand the negative effects of poverty in the economic growth and sustainability of his community, his lifelong dream was to rid the world and the people around him of addiction.

“We are stuck in a situation where there are some serious social epidemics that need serious attention, so to fight alcohol and drug abuse in our disadvantaged communities is the perfect starting point for anyone who is trying to make a difference and the change the lives of these communities,” says Makhanya.

The healthcare facility boasts a number first class touches. It is fully equipped and fully staffed with high skilled professional nurses and doctors and top of the line healthcare products, a wellness centre and dispensary.

New Day Clinic was launched on 28 October 2017 which saw community members come out in droves to learn about how they can better themselves through basic and affordable healthcare.

Makhanya further says: “Drug and alcohol addiction is an illness on its own. I would like for all South Africans to have access to quality treatment and to achieve excellent results without financial limitations. This will go a long way into helping educate families and patients into discovering solutions for prevention and cure of their ailments.

“We believe in collaborating with families and not isolating patients to our facilities. Families need to understand that addiction is a disease.

“By understanding this, it creates room for a strong support system to be maintained throughout the treatment phases.

“We will assess the home structure and equip families with guided support tools.

“Our centres are based in the communities of the affected clients, so it is easy for family to commute to the clinics and offer support for their family members,” concludes Makhanya.

Ayanda Mdluli, the Business Editor of African Times is passionate about social entrepreneurship and enterprises that aim to see black communities succeed.

If you are working on projects that aim to do the same drop him a line on

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