ANCYL lambastes Ramaphosa for funding white students

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THE African National Congress Youth League in Limpopo has lashed out at Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and his education trust for funding white students.

The backlash follows a racist video of one of Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust (CRET) recipient’s usage of the K-word. It is alleged that two University of Pretoria students, Catherine Michelle Reynders and Bodene Benade, offensively scolded a black female after accusing her of stealing their phone.

In the video, one of the students can be heard saying: “A f**king K****r stole my phone. Did you hear that? A f**king K****r stole her phone. I am so f**king dumb, K*****s.”

Speaking to African Times, ANCYL provincial spokesperson Matome Moremi said that they were shocked by the education trust’s recruitment process as it appeared not to have the interests of the poor.

“So Cyril only gives white students bursaries. What is supposed to happen to those poor but academically excelling learners in the rural villages such as Ga-Mashashane who cannot afford to pay university fees? We are seriously shocked by his behaviour because what Cyril has done is not even part of the ANC primary principles.

“We want to know how they award this bursary because it seems like we are taken for a ride. It cannot be correct that a privileged white girl is taken to school by a bursary scheme that is meant to empower the poor.

“As the Youth League we view the matter as that Ramaphosa prefers whites over blacks,” he said.

Moremi accused Ramaphosa of overlooking the BEE act. He said it was not the first time he overlooked poor blacks.

“It is not the first time Cyril has sidelined poor people. Because he also donated a mere Buffalo to a game reserve in Makhado but he could not look into job creation. That is why we continue to say that Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma should be the president of the ANC,” he said.

The Youth League in Limpopo has been vocal over their preferred candidate for the December elective conference despite numerous branches siding with Ramaphosa.

In response to the heated racist video, the Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust (CRET) condemned the student.

“We are aware of an offensive video of one of its students circulating on social media platforms. CRF (Cyril Ramaphosa Fund) and CRET condemn the abhorrent behaviour displayed in the video and has rescinded the student’s bursary with immediate effect.”

The bursary program denied allegations that it had sidelined the BEE act, stating that majority of its beneficiaries were black.

“The CRET bursary programme has prided itself on its non-racial, non-discriminatory programme that supports disadvantaged students across all races.

“In 2017 CRET supported a total of 66 students coming from all provinces.

“Of the 66 students, 64 are black and two white. These students form part of the CRET family that is encouraged to rise above their circumstances to become inspirational leaders and to give back to those less fortunate.

“We will support any further action taken against this student, pending the outcome of a disciplinary by the University of Pretoria,” said the organization.

The university has since confirmed the student’s suspension but could not divulge more into the matter as it was an internal issue.

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