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NUPSAW calls for employment of Working On Fire volunteers

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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THE National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers (NUPSAW) called on Limpopo MEC of Environmental Affairs, Seaparo Sekoati to permanently employ Working On Fire volunteers.
The union led a march to the Limpopo Economic Development Agency offices in a plea to have their salaries raised.
They claimed that the workers have been waiting for over six years to be absorbed and offered permanent employment.
Nupsaw provincial office manager Aubrey Ramukumba said they did not believe that the department does not have money to employ them.
He said the continuation of outsourcing services was a clear indication that there is money.
“As a union, we feel as if their argument of saying that they do not have money is nothing but a clear fabrication of the truth.
“Because if they truly did not have money they were not going to outsource services as there is no private company that would agree to accept a tender that does not have money.
“What we are fighting is the insourcing of Working On Fire personnel so that they can get a decent salary because R2000 is not enough. For the past six years, these people have been outsourced and they were not receiving a decent salary,” he said.
Ramukumba also questioned the selection criteria used by the fire department to employ people. He said it had failed to take Working On Fire personnel when there are openings.
“It is not a matter of (WOF) workers failed to meet the requirements.
“This is a strategy by the department and government to continue outsourcing services. Because they know that if they permanently employ people that mean their money making scheme of tender processes will be lost and it is also through the same tender processes they rely on, where corruption chirps in,” said Ramukumba.
Chief Director of Corporate Services, Elias Mugari in his address to the protestors apologised for Sekoati’s failure to receive the memorandum. He assured them that the MEC would look into the matter.
“On behalf of the MEC, we would like to apologize. We understand that you have tried to submit a memorandum to the department and on both occasions, the MEC was not available. Mr Sekoati is not undermining you because I will personally take this memorandum

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