Herman Mashaba, ANC set for a collision over IDP

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JOHANNESBURG mayor Herman Mashaba and the African National Congress in the city are set for a collision over the Intergrated Developmemt Plan (IDP) which was passed earlier in the year.

Mashaba has accused the party of trying to claw it’s way back into power in the city by challenging the IDP in court. He however said he would not be deterred by the recent “smokescreen” and need to continue the “rampant legacy of corruption” by the ANC.

“The city has been given notice of the ANC’s most recent tactic for undermining the will of our residents and forcing their way into the city – challenging our Intergrated Development Plan for the 2017/18 finacial year in yet another frivolous court application,” Mashaba said.

He said the adopted plan was identified as a key driver towards the city achieving much needed service delivery for the residents of Johannesburg. Mashaba said the ANC’s court action was an attempt to undermine the will of the people who participated in the process until the adoption of the IDP.

He said they would challenge the court action.

“The city has every intention of defending our residents against the ANC’s most recent smokescreen for clawing back their way back into the city. Time and time again the ANC has shown that it will go to any lengths get back into power. Indeed, during the IDP public participation process it was the ANC which was responsible for disruption at our public meetings. Despite this, our IDP public participation process was successful,” said Mashaba.

The ANC in Johannesburg has however hit back. The party said Mashaba’s utterances were an attempt to deflect attention from the looming motion of no confidence in him and speaker Vasco da Gama scheduled for the end of the month.

“Mashaba has made claims that the recent court application by the ANC to have the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) reviewed and set aside is an attempt to undermine the will of the people of Johannesburg and forcing its way into the city. Vasco Da Gama has also made claims that Council will not be forced to hide ANC Councilor Corruption. Both these are baseless and non-factual,” spokesperson Jolidee Matongo said.

He said prior to the roll out of the IDP consultation process and shortly after the public consultation, the ANC pointed out the material flaws with the process. Matongo added that at the Council meeting that dealt with the IDP item, the ANC put on record its concerns about the exclusion of the majority of residents in the IDP consultation meetings. He said the violence was not their fault.

“We indicated as the ANC that the use of the JMPD to eject residents from the meetings demonstrated the resolve of Mashaba to exclude those that have a different view to him and the Democratic Alliance. The violence that characterized some of the meetings cannot be left unchallenged. The IDP is the basis on which the budget and service delivery programs are centered. It should contain the aspirations of the people of Johannesburg. It is a document that should express the views of the people of Johannesburg on the kind of municipality they wish to live in. Therefore, the ANC Joburg Region’s court application is part and parcel of ensuring that the rights of the people of Johannesburg to decide on the kind of city they want to live in are protected,” said Matongo.

He added that the party would push ahead with their motion to have the pair removed from power. This will be the second attempt to have them removed since the DA came into power through a coalition with the Economic Freedom Fighters and other parties in the council.

“The motion of no confidence against Mashaba and Vasco da Gama will be tabled, debated and voted on, at the 29 November 2017 Council meeting. We are confident that at the end of the forthcoming Council meeting Mashaba and Da Gama will no longer be Mayor and Speaker, respectively, of the City of Johannesburg,” Matongo said.

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