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Minister of Communications Mamoloko Kubayi visits top performing High School

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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The Minister of Communications Mamoloko Kubayi visited Masedibu High School in Seshego outside Polokwane, Limpopo, on Wednesday to encourage learners following their improvement in the matric results.

The school improved their results from 62,8 % in 2016 to 79,5% in 2017.

On the day of re-opening of schools, Kubayi donated 15 laptops and one set of Plasma TV to the school. She said: “I’m donating the television set for the school’s management to watch television programmes which talk about education and in that way they will also be exposed to new programmes that will enhance the learning and teaching abilities of both learners and teacher.”

Kubayi said that another reason for her to visit Seshego was the fact that she was told about the fast growing criminal activities and the abuse of drugs in the area.

“I’m here to try and talk to the learners and check where we can add a little value that we have to the community of Seshego as part of the back to school campaign,” Kubayi said.

She mentioned descipline and self-respect as the driving factor to the bright future of every learner: “If you are a learner and you lack discipline, you will never go anywhere in life because it is the first thing that is going to assist you to achieve anything in life. You need discipline to be able to study and to able to listen to your teachers,” Kubayi said.

“When I did my matric, my family and I were staying in a shack with no electricity and we used a candle to study during the night and I was the best student in my matric with distinctions in Physical Science and Maths,” she told the learners.

She encouraged teachers to remain strong despite reports of violence in schools: “To all the teachers, I ask you to never give up no matter the behaviour of the child, the future of an African child is in our hands so we have to fight for it”.

The principal of Masedibu High school Tekedi Mohloana expressed gratitude: “I’m  with joy as a results of the Minister’s visit because she has added more value in the community and at the same time in the school to change the mindset of a black child.”

Kubayi also visited other schools in the province.

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