DWS warns against the usage of water

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WITH drought already biting Cape Town, the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) in Limpopo has come out to warn water users to continue using water sparingly as the dam levels keeps on declining.

According to stats, the province’s average dam levels were seated uncomfortably at 65,7%  a fortnight ago, which shows a slight decline compared to last week when reading recorded 65,8%.

The departments said, although there are slight decline, there is a considerable improvement compared to 58,8% last year, however it is not satisfying enough hence people must at all-time conserve water.

Lesiba Tloubatla, the Department of Water and Sanitation’s Limpopo regional pleaded with the people of the province and those who are visiting be on alert whenever visiting  the dams or or rivers for recreational purposes.

“People should not enter into the water if they are unable to swim and parents should not leave their children playing along the dams of river banks unattended. People should always be careful especially in places where it is indicated that fishing and swimming is not allowed. Let us all play our role in making sure that our children do not become part of the statistics and that we are safe at all times”,  Tloubatla said.

The stats further shows that polokwane water supply systems is at 48,5% showing no movement when compared to 48,5% two weeks back week. The Luvuvhu water supply systems also has no movement, sitting at 93.0% like two weeks ago and Nandoni dam currently stands at 95, 89% as of last week which brings relief to communities.

Tzaneen Dam, Mokolo Dam and De Hoop Dam have all declined slightly last week.

“Looking at the summary of Water management area (WMA) for Limpopo, last year this time the water levels were at 64,6% whereas now we are at 71,0%, and in the Olifants, it is now at 67.0%, an improvement compared to last year’s 56,5%.”

The department said, for the reason that water is a scarce resource and catalytic towards economic development, water users must therefore conserve water at all times.

It also said that in relation to the provincial storage, even though the water levels are still in a satisfying percentage, the province still needs to continue to implement water restrictions so that reliable water provision is sustained until the rain comes.

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