De Lille takes on DA following charges

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CAPE Town mayor Patricia De Lille has vowed to fight the latest charges that have been levelled against her by the Democratic Alliance (DA) as the bid to get rid of her intensifies.

De Lille has been accused of bribery and corruption. It has been claimed that she allegedly tried to solicit R5-million from businessman Anthony Faul in 2012. It is claimed that in exchange, she would allegedly endorse his fire extinguisher product for the city’s informal settlements.

She has however accused the party of planting the individual. De Lille said the man is close to DA party members. He sent his affidavit detailing the alleged meeting and the party has now laid criminal charges against her.

“Anthony Faul is a good friend of the DA. I will wait for my day in court and will give my full cooperation with the police. His affidavit will be tested in an open court of law,” she said.

She described the latest move as a ploy to taint her image and reputation. She took to Twitter to lambast the party’s actions and the need to speedily remove her from the helm of the city.

“It is becoming increasingly obvious that the concerted efforts to damage my reputation and the haste to get rid of me is reaching desperate heights each day‚” she said.

De Lille has been under a dark cloud for some time with allegations of tender irregularities and maladministration.

The party has since charged her and is due to have a hearing on the matter.

Despite being under a barrage of attacks, she has the backing of a few people in the country. Former Parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko and former ANC member of Parliament Dr Makhosi Khoza have indicated they would be supporting her.

Vaal DA leader Bongani Baloyi has also indicated he was looking forward to engaging the party’s leadership over the matter.

Mazibuko took to social media and defended De Lille.

“I am sick of people describing @PatriciaDeLille as ‘power drunk’ as if this empty accusation can be legitimized by repetition. A black woman’s ambition is not a crime. A black woman exercising power in elected office is not an aberration. We see you & your dog whistle politics,” she tweeted.

Khoza wrote: “I stand with @ MamphelaR‚ with @LindiMazibuko‚ with @PatriciaDeLille and @ mbalimcdust who suffered at the hands of the @Our_DA. The political space is not friendly to women. It’s easy to speak ideology & rhetoric‚ what matters are our actions‚ those send a message to our country.”

Baloyi said he would be engaging the leadership fully on the matter.

“I am watching the interview with @PatriciaDeLille. I cannot wait for our Federal Council starting on Friday. I have a lot of questions and will engage the leadership of my party,” he tweeted.

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