Wedding bells ring in Sekhukhune royal house

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THE royal village of Mohlaletsi in Sekhukhune reverberated in joyous song and dance when princess Victoria Thulare got hitched at the weekend.

Victoria is the younger sister of reigning Bapedi King Thulare Victor Thulare who recently won a court battle against his uncle Kgagudi Kenneth [KK] Sekhukhune over the long dragging battle for the throne.

Victoria is the daughter of the late Rhyne Sekhukhune, who died in 2008 before his long battle with his brother KK could be settled.

Fashion designer Victoria’s got married to Siphosethu Maphumulo, a member of the Maphumulo royal house in KwaMaphumulo in KwaZulu- Natal. She said a date for the second leg of the wedding in the groom’s home has not been decided yet.

Fashion designer Victoria who owns THE XVIII VICTORIAN, said she designed the gold wedding dress embroidered with gold trimmings herself. She also designed the dresses of her five bridesmaids, who included her cousins and close friends. Her stylish wedding cake also had gold trimmings to match her dress and that of her party.

“We were expecting at least a thousand people,” said the soft-spoken princess. “But a whole lot more came and it was wonderful.”

She was walked to the aisle by her brother Kgoši Thulare.

“He has been very supportive,” she said.

Victoria was born and raised in the royal village of Mohlaletsi but later moved to Gauteng to pursue her studies. Mohlaletsi is the traditional seat of the Bapedi-Marota kingdom led by the Sekhukhune clan. – Mukurukuru Media

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