ANC leader accused of running municipality with iron fist

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MOGALAKWENA ANC regional deputy coordinator Toli Mashamaite is accused of running the council and
municipality with an iron fist. The Democratic alliance and the Economic Freedom fighters in the Mogalakwena
Local Municipality allege that Mashamaite imposes his decisions on the municipality and they blame inadequate
service delivery on this.

They are also blaming the timing and the price of the car the Municipality wishes to buy for the Mayor when they are unable to provide services. EFF Councillor Lebogang Monageng said that they were certain that Mashamaite has been giving Councillors and the Mayor mandates to execute in the Municipality.
“There are a number of times where he had a meeting with them on decisions that must be taken. He was responsible in the appointment of Tactical Managers in the municipality which was supposed to have been appointed by the Mayor in her capacity and he even went on to boast about it that he is the one that makes things happen. All the decisions are made in consultation of Toli Mashamaite,” Monageng said.

He also cited the the role of factions, with one belonging to Mashamaite and the other to the Mayor of Waterberg District Morris Mataboge within the ANC in Waterberg as some of the reasons service delivery is affected at Mogalakwena Municipality.

He said Mashamaite’s faction is always in fights with Mataboge’s faction and they would disrupt council meetings
which eventually affects service delivery since no decisions were made to provide services.
“Sometimes we are unable to hold council sittings because one faction upped and left the meeting and the meeting had to be postponed and that affects service delivery because the municipality depends on the
decisions made by the Council,” he said.

UNDER FIRE: ANC Waterberg deputy co-ordinator Toli Mashamaite (in white), seen here with Morris Mataboge, has been accused of running Mogalakwena Municipality with an iron fist. Photo: Lebogang Makwela/Visual Buzz SA.

The DA Chief Whip at the Mogalakwena Municipality Korny Dekker said that he was also aware that the Mayor at Mogalakwena was allowing external forces to take decisions affecting the Municipality. He said that he has seen Mashamaite on a number of occasions addressing Mayor and some of the Exco members.
“They are definitely influenced by outside people, they are like puppets. They must start thinking about what the communities need since they are our number one priority,” Dekker said.

He said he was also concerned about the Municipality’s decision to buy a car for the mayor close to a R1 Million when there is no proper service delivery.

Dekker added: “The streets lights are not working and our roads are filled with potholes but they want to buy expensive cars. The municipality was closed on Thursday and Friday because of a strike because they wanted services. When I brought this before the Council regarding the car they started laughing at me and said that I was out of order”.

He said that the Mayor was not judged by the car he or she driving but the services they are providing for the people. However, The EFF’s Monageng said that they do not have a problem that they are buying the mayor a car but the time for the car to be parked was has not arrived, it needed to reach certain Kilometres before they buy a new one.

“We are saying there is still 3000 kilometres left before it could be parked. There are particular Kilometres that are prescribed by the rules of Council in terms of the Mayoral car and the Mayor still has a couple of months before they can buy her a new car and the price must be reasonable,” he said.

Mashamaite dismissed claims by the DA and EFF that he influences decisions at the Mogalakwena Municipality and the Mayor and the Council are the ones taking decisions as far as he is concerned.
“It’s not true at all, in fact it is the ANC that gets more concerned when there is no service delivery, more than any
other Political party. When I speak, I always encourage our deployees in Councils to speed up service delivery wherever is needed even when I was the Regional Secretary not what they saying,” he said.

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