Thugs terrorise Tzaneen communities

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  • 3 Years ago
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RESIDENTS of Tzaneen in Limpopo are living in fear after a group of thugs launched a reign of terror in their communities.
A gang of about 100 has allegedly raped an unknown number of women at knife-points, hijacked cars at gun-point, stole cars from homes and robbed pedestrians in recent weeks.

According to one of the victims, who declined to be named for safety reasons, the thugs have spread terror in Nkowankowa Township, Dan and Mokgoloboto villages — about 120kms east of Polokwane.
He said they targeted unsuspecting motorists and pedestrians at the Bindzulani intersection, which connects the three areas.

The victim said he was driving past Bindzulani two weeks ago when he heard a sharp object hitting his car.
“I stopped in order to check. A group of men attacked and forced me into the boot of my car,” the shaken man said.
They then tied him with a rope between trees before escaping with his car.
He said he was dumped in the local bushes.
“My car was later found torched after it was allegedly used as a getaway car in Khugwana village” he further explained. “How I freed myself from the rope I can’t even tell.”

The victim added that the place where he was tied looked like the thugs’ slaughter house because he heard some female voices screaming for help.
The man said he reported the matter to the local police but nothing had been done so far. “I was also admitted to hospital because of the rope injuries,” he said.
Now scared residents are begging the police for 24-hour protection.
Limpopo police spokesperson Captain Ndidzulafhi Nelufule said the police were aware of the gang’s reign of terror.

He said they have started patrolling the Bindzulani hijacking sport every night.
“Police are also doing door to door campaigns to root out those gangs,” Nelufule said.
Nkowankowa police have called on anyone with information about the gang and its activities to come forward and help them bring the thugs to book.
He said potential whistle-blowers who did not want to reveal their identities were free to drop tip offs in the suggestion boxes at their nearest police stations.

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