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Disgruntled KZN residents try to burn a school

  • by Piet Rampedi
  • 3 Years ago
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A GROUP of disgruntled KwaZulu-Natal residents tried to burn a school this morning, just two months after their counter-parts in Vuwani destroyed 25 Limpopo schools over a demarcation issue.

The KwaZulu-Natal Education Department has condemned as “barbaric” attempts to torch Mvaba High School at Inanda outside Durban.

Locals were apparently angry over the suspension of the school principal.

In a statement, the provincial education department said attempts to destroy public property made no sense because schools were meant to serve the same communities.

“This is a treasonous act that cannot be entertained in a democratic society like ours. Education is both an Apex Priority of the current administration and it is a societal responsibility,” the statement said.

“It therefore militates against what this government wants to achieve through education if there are people (no matter how few) who hold a view that burning public buildings is the only way to get government’s attention.”

The department said it was doing everything in its power to resolve problems at the school without the disruption of teaching and learning.

The KwaZulu Natal incident comes hot on the heels of the burning of several schools in Vuwani at a cost of an estimated R500 million.

Residents went on the rampage over the incorporation of their area into the newly established Malamulele Municipality.

A team of cabinet ministers sent by President Jacob Zuma and led by State Security Minister David Mahlobo is still battling to resolve the crisis.

While a few schools have re-opened, most remain closed due to intimidation and threats against teachers who go back to work.








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