Zuma – DA is an oppressive snake trying to bite ANC

  • by Piet Rampedi
  • 2 Years ago
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GALVANISED: ANC supporters came out in huge numbers to listen to President Jacob Zuma outlining the party's electoral plans at Ga-Seleka Village, Lephalale, Limpopo.

GALVANISED: ANC supporters came out in huge numbers to listen to President Jacob Zuma outlining the party’s electoral plans at Ga-Seleka Village, Lephalale, Limpopo. PIC: CHESTER MAKANA


VOTING for the DA is tantamount to voting for a snake which is trying to bike the ruling ANC, President Jacob Zuma said.

In a scathing attack on the official opposition, Zuma told thousands of people at Ga-Seleka village, Lephalale, in Limpopo that they should not vote for the DA because it was established partly by former members of the National Party whose parents oppressed black people and even called them terrorists.
“The DA is a child of the National Party and the Progressive party, the NP is the party that oppressed us and made us to be called names like terrorist and everything,” Zuma said.
“DA is a snake that gave birth to another snake. It is that behaviour that defines them that they learnt from their parents.”

Invoking the ANC’s struggle credentials, Zuma said voters must look no further than his party during the August 3 local government elections.

He said the ANC liberated South Africans by first defeating apartheid before providing basic services, and changing laws that deliberately impeded the socio-economic development of black people.

Zuma added: “We have addressed many challenges that faced us, having addressed the challenge of oppression. We have made the law in parliament that scrapped all the laws of apartheid and brought equality to all of us and indeed, we removed things that stopped us from benefiting from the country, we have electrified the country and we continue to do so.”

The president said the general and local government elections were part of the benefits guaranteed by the new constitution pushed through by the ANC.

Zuma appealed to ANC supporters to come out and cast their ballots, saying failure to do would reduce the party’s electoral majority and political power, thus affecting the ruling party’s ability to improve people’s lives.
“If we don’t vote and say we are many, maybe others will vote, you are not doing good service to the ANC, because you want the ANC to win with small majority, if it wins with smaller majority it will have small power, if it has small power it will deliver in a small way.”

Zuma lambasted some media houses and commentators, saying they continued to ask people unfair questions like why should they vote for the ANC.
“The question is never asked why they should vote for other parties. The ANC is different from other different political formations, other parties are just political parties, ANC is the struggle movement of the people,” he added.

The ANC would continue to implement social development programmes to address the burden created by apartheid and colonial rule, Zuma insisted.
“We are looking after seventeen million people who could not have anything to eat, we have delivered on education, and we have come to people live, and said poor children must not pay.”

TURF WAR: An EFF motorcade drives past the venue where President Jacob Zuma is addressing pensioners. PIC: CHESTER MAKANA

TURF WAR: An EFF motorcade drove past the venue where President Jacob Zuma was  addressing pensioners at Ga-Seleka village in Limpopo. PIC: CHESTER MAKANA

An EFF motorcade drove past the venue where Zuma was addressing local pensioners, signalling simmering tension between ANC and EFF supporters ahead of the polls.

The president used the opportunity to bad mouth EFF leader Julius Malema, saying he had a misguided belief that he would score bigger electoral support in Limpopo.

He said Malema’s lie would be exposed by voters on Election Day.

Zuma said he had confidence in Limpopo voters because they have consistently delivered most of ANC votes during general elections.

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