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  • BLF lauds President Zuma for “returning what was stolen from blacks”

BLF lauds President Zuma for “returning what was stolen from blacks”

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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BLACK First Land First founder Andile Mngxitama has once more heaped praise on President Jacob Zuma for
removing Pravin Gordhan as finance minister and putting the needs of black people first.

Speaking at a round-table discussion, Mngxitama said Zuma had made a left turn, differing with former presidents when it comes to the expropriation of land without compensation.

“The most important evidence of President Zuma’s left turn was in his state of the nation speech. It’s for the
first time since 1994 that a president says land expropriation without compensation. “It’s the first time that a president says the land was stolen from black people and it must be returned without paying a cent,” he said.

Government has for many years been using the willing buyer willing seller method to address the land issue.

That has not yielded the required results with government admitting that it was not working.

Mngxitama said Zuma’s stance was the most radical statement one could wish for.

GROUNDED: President Jacob Zuma with former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his ex deputy Mcebisi Jonas.

He added that black people in South Africa have nothing while the control of the economy still remains in the hands of the whites.
He maintained that Gordhan was using his position at Treasury to stall the emancipation of the black nation in attaining economic liberation.

“President Zuma said let’s get rid of Gordhan and go to treasury to make sure it undertakes radical transformation. He is providing direction of where change should go,” he said.

Mngxitama said black people should not be worried about the recent credit rating downgrades.
Two rating agencies downgraded South Africa to junk status following Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle.

Gordhan was replaced by Malusi Gigaba as finance minister.

That appointment triggered the downgrades but Mngxitama maintained that the downgrades only hit the whites as blacks have been living in junk for many years.
“President Jacob Zuma hasn’t done anything illegal. He used his powers in the Constitution to remove a minister that was imposed on him. We are very happy as Black First Land First that President Zuma has removed Pravin Gordhan because that man is part of the problem that has kept the lives of black people in junk status,” he said.

Mngxitama also lashed out at the people that have in recent days planned marches calling for Zuma’s removal.

He accused them of being corrupt themselves and serving international handlers who are protecting white
monopoly capital.

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