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Enjoy Your Easter, But Be Vigilant On The Roads

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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EASTER weekend means different things to different people. It is also that time of the year when millions of people head to different directions and all major roads get congested with traffic.

At this time of the year, many people derive peace of mind by attending different events including church services, family gatherings and parties. Villages and small towns also become a hive of activity. It is in these areas that we feel obliged to throw a word of caution, and at the same time, give advice to our readers.

We do so because there are other people who derive joy and pleasure through excessive alcohol consumption to a point that they become a danger to themselves and others – either on the roads and within communities.

The normally quiet roads in the villages and small towns become busy than usual at this time of the year. It is against this background that we advice our readers not to drop their guards and engage in activities that may lead to loss of lives and injuries.

It is then befitting to call on law enforcement agencies that while it remains important to adapt a zero-tolerance attitude to crime and safeguard the major roads, it is equally important not to ignore rural areas and small towns during the Easter weekend in terms of police deployment.

Already, more than a dozen people have already lost their lives on the roads. As a country, we cannot afford to lose more lives as these has its own negative implications on family life, the economy and other aspects.

The bloodbath on our roads should serve to remind us all to be vigilant on the roads. Hurtful as they may be, the deaths on the roads should be a wake-up call to motorists that roads are shared with fellow motorists.

As members of the public, we also have an obligation to ensure that our roads and areas remain safe from reckless drivers and criminals. It is imperative that we adhere to traffic rules and report reckless driving and criminal activities to law enforcement agencies.

This Easter weekend should serve as a period to show that road and safety campaigns have shaped our mindset in ensuring that our roads and other public places are free of deaths and injuries that could have been avoided. This call for all of us to be responsible.

The Editor and staff at African Times therefore takes this opportunity to wish all our readers and the people of South Africa a safe Easter weekend.

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