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President Zuma has failed the nation: De Klerk

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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FORMER President FW De Klerk has joined a chorus of those that have voiced their dissatisfaction with the leadership of President Jacob Zuma.
De Klerk, the last President of the Apartheid regime has joined forces with President Kgalema Motlanthe and Thabo Mbeki through their foundations to create a National Dialogue on the political crisis that is facing the country.
De klerk who spoke at the launch of the dialogue in Johannesburg on Friday and took a swipe at Zuma for his run-ins with the law.
“The core of our problems emanate from the fact that our President is failing to  abide by section 83 of the constitution. The president has undermined the independence of the chapter 9 institution and weakened critical state institutions that he should have protected,” said De Klerk.

DISAPPOINTED: Former President F.W de Klerk says President Jacob Zuma has disappointed him.

Despite his attack on Zuma, De Klerk praised him for stand on the state of the economy and plans to change the situation.
In recent months Zuma has been calling for radical transformation of the South African economy and De Klerk said he agreed with the President’s call for the economy to be transformed urgently to be more inclusive.
“I’m in agreement with President Jacob Zuma that we need radical economic transformation in South Africa. We need to transform radically the situation where almost 40 percent of the population lives in poverty. We don’t have to frighten foreign investment with irresponsible utterances that we have seen accompanying the call for transformation of the economy,” asked De klerk.
Former President Thabo Mbeki conceded that CODESA negotiations that took place between the ANC and the National Party in the early 1990s might have failed to address the issue of economic transformation in the country.
“The central point in the CODESA negotiations was to end the political system of Apartheid and institute democracy. The matter about what are the practical steps to transform south Africa is important and we have a constitution that is there to guide us on how everything can be done,” said Mbeki.

NO HOLDS BARRED SESSION: Former President Thabo Mbeki. Photo: Denvor de Wee/Visual Buzz SA.

He urged South Africans to use the dialogue created by the foundations to map out a way forward for the country and not narrow it down to political differences.
“We still remain an unequal society, we need to eradicate the legacy of colonialism and apartheid. We need to begin the process of national dialogue and the question about what needs to be done in order to transform South Africa will arise from these dialogue and we encourage all South Africans from across political spectrum to take part in the dialogue,” Mbeki said.
Former President Kgalema Motlanthe called on the public to get more involved in the country’s politics.
“The public must play their part because when they fail to step up and be counted, those in power do as they wish. Its important to note that any event generation has its own mission to accomplish and this generation is not any different,” said Motlanthe.

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