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  • Zuma: land a key component of RET but no one must break the law

Zuma: land a key component of RET but no one must break the law

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma says the only way to obtain radical socio-economic transformation for the issue of land to be addressed so that the majority can benefit from it.

Zuma, however, appealed to people not to break the in the pursuit of a legitimate concern. This comes as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has been encouraging people to illegally occupy land since its inception.

This week Black First Land First leader Andile Mngxitama told African Times of his party’s plans to forcefully invade productive land come January 2018.

Mngxitama added that he would be leading a delegation to Zimbabwe to learn how the neighbouring country conducted its land grabs in the early 200s.


UNITY CALL: President Jacob Zuma has urged MKMVA members to unite.

He said they want to learn tactics from President Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwean Military Veterans.

He called on South African Military Veterans to lead the charge when they decide to go ahead with the land grabs.

Zuma, who was speaking at the 5th uMkhonto WeSizwe Military Veterans elective conference in Boksburg, Gauteng, called on those attending to solicit a solid view on what radical socio-economic transformation means to them.

“Let’s not shout it. How do we radically deal with the economic factors? One of those facts that we are poor and hungry is because land played a critical role. We need to correct the land imbalances but we have to do it properly within the Constitution and within the law,” he said.

Zuma has been pushing the land issue since his State of the Nation Address where he indicated that government would be looking at changing certain laws to speed up the process.

The president, along with the ANC, conceded previously that the willing buyer-willing seller approach that was adopted had not yielded the results envisaged at the beginning.

The number one hurdle that government encountered was the inflation of prices by farm owners.

Zuma added that if people felt and believed the two were not working, amendments can be made instead of taking the law into their own hands.

“If we think the law or the Constitution doesn’t reach the points, its democratic to amend the law or Constitution,” he said.

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