Blame game in Limpopo

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Blame game in Limpopo

Opposition parties differ on who is responsible for departments’ performances


THE two main opposition parties in the Limpopo province hold different views in terms of who is to blame for the poor performances of departments.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has apportioned the blame on current chairperson of Standing Committee On Public Accounts (SCOPA) Snowy Kennedy while the Democratic Alliance says premier Stan Mathabatha is the one responsible.

The EFF said Kennedy has been working with some departments, accusing her of being ‘captured’ and using the SCOPA committee for self-enrichment while at the same time driving it as a tool to threaten departmental heads and MEC’s.

“The people of Limpopo must know that they will never get out of the red in terms of audit outcomes because the chairperson of Scopa uses her stomach to run this committee,” EFF acting provincial chairperson Rendani Munyai said.

He also lambasted her for what he described as ‘irrational, toothless and myopic running of Scopa’ that has left the province with 11 departments getting unqualified audit outcomes with findings, 8 qualified audit outcomes with findings and only 2 unqualified with no findings in the 2016/2017 financial year.

Munyai accused Kennedy of being responsible for the entities that came with the audit outcomes, saying that the entities are as a result that most departments do as they please as they know that there is no watchdog and as such, they perform corrupt activities with the person responsible for monitoring and eradicating corruption.

However, the DA in the province rubbished the EFF’ calls for Kennedy to step down, saying the person to account for the mess is Premier Stan Mathabatha because he is the one making executive appointments. DA Provincial Leader Jacques Smalle said they have been very vocal about how executives fail to take into consideration resolutions taken by Scopa and he holds the view that Mathabatha is the one who is supposed to face the music, not Kennedy.

“What is very concerning is the lack of response from the executive through the legislature and from the committee members. There are some MEC’s who are arrogant and all can be seen on the resolutions made by Scopa. That points the finger to the premier who fails to deal with those executives,” Smalle said.

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) in the province also backed the calls made by the EFF.

The Young Lions made the claims that Kennedy has been protecting her friends, including Mathabatha for their personal gains and with that demonstration; they are convinced that the time for Kennedy to vacate her office is now. Secretary for the ANCYL in the province, David ‘Che’ Selane said Kennedy has failed on numerous occasions and that she is incapacitated to lead the committee.

“We are saying Snowy (Kennedy) must step down. We have seen the corruption activities in Tubatse where a piece of land was sold for an unreasonable amount but alongside the Premier, Snowy decided to hide it because they both have business interests. The woman has proven beyond reasonable doubt that she is failing to lead that committee,” Selane said.

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