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  • Report of the Commission of Enquiry into higher education and training to the President of the Republic of South Africa

Report of the Commission of Enquiry into higher education and training to the President of the Republic of South Africa

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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African Times News Digital Edition | www.africantimesnews.co.za | @AfricanTimesSA

TransformRSA notes with great concern the continuous attempts by our government to humiliate black students. We denounce the report and recommendations made by the Higher Commission. In the Freedom Charter and the new democratic South Africa a promise was made to give free education to all South African students. It is disappointing to now learn that after 24 years free education aimed at liberating the black soul will not be a reality.

TransformRSA is fully committed to the fight for free education even if it means that SA will be downgraded by ratings agencies as a result. We are fully aware that the attempts to frustrate free education is driven by market forces and WMC interests. The state must without delay look for alternative resources to provide free education. We refuse to acknowledge the recommendations made by the Commission and urge Government to guarantee fee free education to all students at tertiary level.

Why must education be free only to TVET’s students and not Universities and other public Higher education institutions. This is another form of Bantustan separate development policy aimed at undermining blacks and segregating our people to TVET’s education levels only. It clearly indicates that blacks are only good for technical support & vocational training and not academic and professional training and development. That is why the Commission only endorses free education to TVET’s and not to Universities and other higher education training institutions.

Over 107 years of our liberation struggle and 24 years in a democracy why is education not at the centre of our transformation and the National Democratic Revolution. Why is the ANC lead goverment failing to stand firm on fighting for the rights and the plight of black people especially black students. Education cannot be commercialized and turned into a commodity.

Free education is a right and a privilege that black people can pride themselves with after years of Apartheid, social and economic humiliation. The ANC can no longer sit silent and keep quiet against this great injustice imposed upon our people. Refusing students free education while speaking of freedom is the greatest form of hypocrisy. The success of our future is dependant on the decisions that the ANC takes whilst still in power. We urge the ANC lead governement to be serious and take steps in support of free education while still in power.

Education is bedrock of all successful developed societies.

Lets stand together and protect rights of the most vulnerable in our society. And force government to give free education to all students in all public higher education institutions. It is a right that cannot be negotiated any longer. The time to beg government for free education has come to an  end. We demand urgent action failing to which we will return SA to the 1976 student action campaigns and fight for free education #feesmustfall.

TransformRSA stands firmly and unapologetically behind our democratically elected government. We say firmly that Radical Economic Transformation will be implemented in South Africa come rain, sunshine, or snow. Our resolve to Radical Economic Transformation remains resolute and we are defiant against all interference on our sovereignty by any foreign powers and their domestic components. South Africa will be transformed and our people’s material living conditions will be radically improved. We will continue to struggle for and protect lives, our sovereignty until every acre of our land is returned.

Issued by National Transformation Team on behalf of TransformRSA (TRSA –  Transform the Republic of South Africa).

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