Voter apathy reason for new party, says Khoza

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FORMER African National Congress member Dr Makhosi Khoza says the reason she started her new political party was because of the large voter apathy that exists in the country.

Khoza launched the African Democratic Change (ADeC) in Midrand to provide a home for all the voters who decided to stay away from the polls during the 2016 municipal elections.

“I was approached by various organisations and individuals to start a party because there is a concern about voter apathy in South Africa. It means people don’t vote because they are not finding a political home,” she said.

Khoza added that despite the ANC having lost power in key metros, the results painted a different picture where oppositions diVoter apathy reason for new party, says KhozaFormer African National Congress member Dr Makhosi Khoza says the reason she started her new political party was because of the large voter apathy that exists in the country.dn’t gain support despite the numbers of the governing party has declined.

“If you look at the local government elections of last year, despite the ANC having lost in the metros, the opposition parties did not gain.

“That means people are sitting and no longer going out to vote. The recent SRC elections where the ANC won 12 out of the 15 seats, the voter turnout was 8%.

“Its telling that there is a gap that is unoccupied and we thought we may be able to fill it in. We also feel the existing parties have their own strengths and weaknesses but we don’t see a party in the current landscape that is able to unite all South Africans,” she said.

Khoza also maintained that there was a gap in the political space as the current opposition parties did not offer South African an alternative. She said the Democratic Alliance has a western model of capitalism that they are promoting which is based on very developed economies with very low unemployment rates, the opposite of what is happening in South Africa.

“We are in Africa where 80% of the people were excluded from the first economy and when you come with a capitalist model, it must be one that will be premised on the Ubuntu philosophy and not necessarily value system.

“The value system is good but it’s not enough.

“The philosophy of Ubuntu is interdependent, in other words, you can’t be operating a business and hope to be successful if you are not investing enough money to build the market for your product.

“There is no way you can sustain this economy if you have so many people who are trapped in poverty. We need to be creating a conducive environment for private capital to invest and inject money into the economy.

“We are coming into that space and bringing Ubuntu.

“Again we are saying the ruling party has achieved so much in the last 23 years notwithstanding its failures but it has done a lot more in terms of delivering water, houses and so forth.

“It has however alienated African languages as they are not seen as languages of science and advancement of technology that are able to be on the IT platform to be understood.

“Their intelligence understood. I’m basing this purely on the study which I did. We are coming into that space,” she said.

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