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Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba in NGO payment scandal

  • by African Times
  • 1 year ago
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Claims that he issued payments of more than R11m to the NGO to provide services to the city without following due processes.


JOHANNESBURG mayor Herman Mashaba has been embroiled in a financial scandal with one of his sponsored Non- Governmental Organisations, Field Band Foundation (FBF).

The ANC has accused him of issuing payments of more than R11m to the NGO to provide services to the city without following due processes.

ANC councillor Nonceba Molwele said Mashaba initiated funding for the FBF, without any written proposal sent to the city by the foundation to provide any services.

“The FBF is a well-established NGO with support from the private sector, and boasts a budget of R22m per annum, yet Mashaba has the audacity to initiate funding of over R11m from the rate payers’ money to fund the FBF,” said Molwele.

She claimed that payments of R3.5m per year for three years would be made out to the FBF from the city’s budget for youth programmes.

The ANC alleged that the city committed the grant R 11.1m for the FBF before the foundation had submit a proposal for such funding.

“After the February 2017 Mayoral Committee meeting, the MMC for Health and Social Development Mpho Phalatse wrote a letter to then MMC for Finance Rabelani Dagada, requesting three-year funding for FBF, despite the fact that there had been no proposal or request for funding from the FBF at the time,” she said.

Mashaba is however not moved by the accusations and has vowed to continue supporting the NGO.

“I unashamedly support the Field Band Foundation (FBF) in my personal capacity,” he said.

Mashaba said the ANC was grasping at straws.

“When social development were looking for charities, I told them about it and I said: ‘Guys go and look and see if the city can participate. They were won over. I wanted us in every region, so that we have a projects that assist in terms of saving the lives of children. I feel the ANC is unashamed and, yes, I still have a relationship in my personal capacity as a funder. I don’t understand who they want us to support. The ANC acts like this was discussed in corners. It was discussed in the Budget Council Lekgotla,” he said.

Mashaba accused the ANC of just trying to hamper his work by complaining about every little thing that happens in the city.

“The media must be careful in furthering and ANC agenda. My only association with the NGO is through my companies. My families will continue to support them and we will continue as long as my family is able personally to support these children. I will not stop,” Mashaba added.

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