Protect your dreams, says lifestyle writer Vutomi Tshabalala

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THE other day I watched my two-year old son move a pen around on a piece of paper a couple of times and the end results looked like a huge mess of nothing. To my surprise, he took a step back, looked at it and said: “wow!”

He was genuinely proud of his scribbles, so proud that he went around he complex showing his master piece to anyone willing to spare a moment of their time. At that very moment, it got me thinking about how many brilliant ideas get killed in the absence of self-confidence.

The grave still remains the richest place as it is the final resting place of brilliant ideas that were never implemented. Sometimes in life you need to be your own cheerleader. There will be a time where no one will understand your way of life nor have faith in your dreams. You will try to
explain it in different ways and some people will even shoot it down with negative comments.

Lifestyle writer Vutomi Tshabalala

In life, one needs to be confident enough in their dreams. Not everyone will understand your idea while God did not install the same vision within all of us. Some projects were indeed meant to be carried out solo. I pray for a future whereby the creative mind of our generation can implement their ideas without seeking validation from the next person.

In any journey: rejected is inevitable and you won’t always have people singing songs of praises for you. Those are the times when you should dance the most, sing the loudest and be your own cheerleader. You need to learn to have faith in your own vision, capabilities and dreams. Your dreams will be laughed at and people will try to cage you in a small box of what they think your limitations are; never give up in your dreams.

This past weekend I learned of a man in our class being homeless. The very same man who helped me park my car outside just a day before and guided it safe until I returned from running my errands later. A dirty, smelling and hungry looking man in his late 30s sleeps in the street
of Braamfontein and guides cars so that he can attend night classes in the pursuit to someday become a Chartered Accountant.

How far are you willing to go to protect your dream? What keeps you up at night? Whatever
it is, don’t let anyone take that away from you. If you have a dream, you protect it. There are many people whom I had written off as being worthless and never going to amount to anything
in life based on my perspective of them.

Today the very same people are wearing the blanket of success and enjoying the sweet honey that comes with it as I sit and watch from the sidelines. No one in this wonderful earth has power over your destiny. If you have a dream so big and so important to you, you need to want it so bad that you are willing to walk this journey alone. Sometimes people are not hating on you, they simply have a limited thinking capacity compared to yours, so value and respect your dream
enough to treat it with the greatness that it deserves.

The look on my son’s face was fearless and full of hope. His innocence told him that his best was good enough. While I saw misguided lines, he saw perfection. When I wanted to pack away the drawing with other rubbish in the house, he saw it worthy to be shown to the world. Greatness
is not an illusion, it is not put aside for a certain class of people; Your Dreams Are Valid.

Sometimes it is not your dream that needs to be adjusted, it is your audience. Greatness is not DNA linked or sexually transmitted, that is why sometimes you will need to move away from your family to get the right amount of support to make your dreams a reality. May you channel the
energy, motivation and fearlessness that the child in you once had. You have a dream? You have to protect it, period.

Vutomi Tshabalala is a 23-year-old divorcee, single mother and compliance officer. She writes motivational articles in her personal capacity.

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