Rape accuser’s dodgy past

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THE woman at the centre of rape allegations involving a senior Limpopo government official has a history of involvement in criminal acts back home in Botswana – including car theft, card skimming and extortion
– according to sources in that country. Three independent sources – her close associate, a police officer and a businessman – told African Times this week that the mother of three from Tlokweng has left a trail of destruction in her country over the past five years.

They say members of the Serious Crimes Office Squad in Botswana have probed her for various crimes including car theft, bank card skimming and the extorting money from high profile lovers. The 29 year-old woman, who cannot be named because she and the rape accused withdrew counter charges of rape and
extortion against each other at the Polokwane Magistrate Court before their cases could be enrolled, made a court appearance at the Gaborone Village Magistrate Court in March 2014 on a charge of car

African Times has also been reliably informed that the woman gave Limpopo police a wrong surname and claimed she had no passport in a bid to conceal her background. This came as the Botswana Football Association released a statement on Monday denouncing her and rubbishing media reports that she was
either part of the Zebras’ Cosafa delegation or a tournament volunteer.


RAPER ACCUSER: The Motswana woman who has accused a prominent Limpopo government official of rape. Photo: supplied.


The make-up artist’s close associates say she had previously blackmailed a prominent South African politician and MP into giving her R20 000 in exchange for her silence – after she had threatened to tell his wife about their one night stand at a top hotel in Johannesburg.

She had allegedly claimed to be pregnant and demanded the money to terminate the supposed pregnancy – a demand the man had refused to accede to.

Sources claim the woman is part of a group that targets prominent politicians, business people and other high profile individuals at hotels around O.R Tambo International Airport with a view to professing their love for them before extorting money or robbing them of their personal belongings.

They say she has been living in SA since 2002 but returns back home every three months to renew her temporary residence permit.

“She has got a small make up business which is a front. She is fraudulent and a crook. She has got Nigerians that she works with and she mostly targets ANC big shots. She goes to events where she would find these people, picks one and does whatever she can,” says her Botswana-based associate.

“She normally goes to places like hotels around the airport where you meet all these people from political parties, who are there on business, business people on business missions. So, she once met this guy and went with him to his hotel room and later disappeared with two of his bank cards from FNB and an
Ipad. She went to her Nigerians and they took all the money from that guy’s bank accounts. And when she was later caught the same Nigerian came and paid bail for her.”

The friend says the woman extorted R20 000 from the opposition MP, whose name is known to African Times.
“After one night of passion she later blackmailed [him] that she is pregnant and she needs money for abortion and if she doesn’t get money for abortion she is going to contact [his] wife. [He] then created a bank account and deposited R20 000 in it and then he gave her the card at O.R Tambo.”

Another source says the woman was once arrested for car theft in Botswana.
“She does card skimming. She has got a case here in Botswana where she stole a car and fled to South Africa, and they managed to get the car to cross the border without following proper procedures. The car was later found. The police here had to go and get the car from OR Tambo. A member of the Serious
Crimes Office Squad, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not allowed to speak to the media, confirmed that the woman was regularly found on the wrong side of the law.
“I don’t know of any case of rape that she has reported that side. Just that she was involved in prostitution, and taking cars unlawfully form the guys she was hanging [up] with,” says the police officer.

DISAPPOINTED: The rape accuser’s lawyer, Tumi Mokwena, says the SA justice system has failed his client. Photo: Lebogang Makwela/Visual Buzz SA.

On Tuesday, the woman conceded to the car theft charge but denied involvement in other criminal activities. She says she and her friend, Gagoresepe Mothupi did not steal but merely crossed the border with a rented car spent extra two weeks in Johannesburg without permission.

“The allegation of the car is true, that’s the only information I believe the police can tell you which is true. That person opened a case and I wasn’t the only one. I was with my friend. When he opened the case he said we had stolen the car and did not hire it. Immediately the same day it was sorted out. He said he wanted nothing but his car and money for service. We discussed it at the police station and they
gave us a court date to finalise the case,” she says.

The woman denies she blackmailed an MP and eventually extorted R20 000 from him, saying “I don’t know that person. You can ask him”.
She also dismisses claims that she and Nigerian associates once robbed another of her lover of
his bank cards and cleaned his accounts. The mother of three described herself as a “hustler”, “fun-loving”
and law abiding citizen who happened to have wealthier friends.

“I know many people with money; Joburg, Polokwane and other places. I know so many people. Why am I not extorting them of their money?” she asked.
“I have other boyfriends. Why am I not extorting money from them? I know the likes of Jossey from EFF.
When I am in Polokwane, I hang out with them. He is even my ex. Why have I not demanded money from him? Why him? I don’t even know what extortion means? It’s a person who threatens you that he or she wants money. It’s a threat. Where is the proof that I threatened him and where? Women won’t be able to report cases of rape again because of arrogant people like him.”

She says she decided to withdraw the rape charges because she wanted to be released from jail as she had “the trauma of being inside the police cells”. However, the rape accuser did not pay her any cent.
“If I had received anything out of this, I would keep quiet and move on with life. I got nothing except to be drinking pills and owing lawyers,” she says.

Asked whether or not she is pursuing the matter, the woman replied: “Not really! It will depend on my lawyers. They have advised me to relax and see what happens, and take it from there. Whoever throws the ball we will see how to catch it.”

She denies that she gave the police a wrong surname – Monamodi – saying it was her new husband’s surname. However, she would not say who her husband is and whether are in a civil or traditional
“We have been married for a couple of months. Let’s not talk about my marriage,” she says.
The woman says our sources are jealous friends who are out to destroy her because they can’t stomach her successful make up business and expensive lifestyle.

The rape accused says has blamed his ordeal on unnamed politicians in Limpopo.
“I opened a case, and she then opened another one. But we later agreed to withdraw the cases. I can confirm that there are quite a number of people involved. Some of them are politicians. It’s very strange as to what is their interest in the whole matter. But at a later stage, and at the right time, I will be able to come out and talk openly,” he says.

The man dismissed rumours that he was involved in a similar case in the past as malicious and baseless. Senior Superintendent Bakale, spokesperson for Botswana’ Serious Crimes Office, promised to comment after checking the cases. He had yet to respond by the time we went to print.


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