Rabs Vhafuwi has big dreams for Limpopo musicians

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RABELANI Madula, better known as Rabs Vhafuwi has big dreams of transforming the music industry and opening doors for disadvantaged people and struggling musicians in Limpopo.

The “Count your blessings” hit maker says that he already has a company that distributes music on all digital platforms such as Google Playstore. It also distributes physical albums to stores such as Musica.

“In the long term I want to start opening doors for disadvantaged musicians especially from Limpopo. Already I do music distribution in all platforms for any artist, I will put more effort on that and maybe I can start competing with Universal, Kalawa or Sony and do things for Limpopo.

“When you reflect of Durban music you already think of DJ Tira and so I want that for myself too and help people at the same time,” said the Limpopo born DJ.

The 34 year old Rabs, as he is affectionately known by his friends, who is based in Johannesburg, has also just launched a new album titled “9 provinces” last month.

“I wanted to work with an artist from each Province in South Africa. In that way I will be stretching to all corners of this country. I was fortunate to have even worked with Portia Monique who is from the USA on this album. I worked with Malik Zwane, Tshegofatso, Brazo Wa Afrika, Pale Rozay, Bukeka, Blaq Opal, Papa and Candyman.

“It’s a beautiful album, very inspirational and groovy. From soul to Afro, Tribal and ancestral, you are bound to love three or more songs if not the whole album.”

He says that he has been playing music at friends parties from his university days back in 2004 but started professionally from 2009.

“I started producing or making my own music in 2012 because I love music, especially house music. So I used to struggle to collect music to play on my sets and it kind of hit me that maybe the music I really want to play is not there, so I had to start making my own music,” said Mudula.

“I’m busy doing launches of the album right now. This will go on until November. We have just launched in Botswana last weekend.”

He believes that legend Vinny Da Vinci is able to strike a perfect balance between his career and family and looks up to him.

Madula doesn’t just play music at parties for a living. He says he does subcontracting for electricity projects in the City of Joburg and that means project managing street lights and the installation of different projects.

“My company is also a distributor and publisher of my own music and others. I think the difficulty was in getting my music playing in all radio stations like other famous artists. I, at one point, felt like music that was not better than mine was getting play listed and not mine. That disappointed me a lot. But I have since learned to deal with my music career as a professional business, covering all corners of the business structures – from Public Relations to Marketing Management and Accounting.”

He has also won a few awards including a SUCU award for Best DJ last year and another one from LIMA for Best Dance Single of the song, ‘Let’s Go To China’, which is in the 9 Provinces Album and is about to tour all nine provinces in the country.

Details on the tour are on his social media pages.

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