Miss Limpopo puts charity and education first

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REIGNING Miss Limpopo Gail Mokwatlo has proven to be beautiful inside and outside when she kept her promise to raise over R1 million in bursaries to fund students who are disadvantaged in higher education.

This includes a mentorship program for young women who want to be like her and follow the modelling route.

The 21 year old beauty with brains, who hails from Mokopane, won the title of the pageant after impressing a panel of judges in the spectacle in December last year.

She promised to secure funding for the bursaries of 20 learners.

Seven months later, she has spent over R200 000 of that purse on students working with a college of Higher Education.

“I am involved with various charity projects besides my bursary initiative, including bags for Africa which is focused on distributing school bags to disadvantaged schools in the rural areas, looking to expand beyond the borders of South Africa,” said Mokwatlo.

She says that she is also involved in a motivational school drive initiative with other influential youths like herself in the province targeting 150 who under performed last year, offering motivational talks.

“Amongst my focus is projects that have to do with education, children and women empowerment especially from abused backgrounds,” she said.

Mokwatlo does not blow hot air as she herself is currently enrolled towards a degree in Accounting Science at the University of Limpopo in concurrence with a Diploma in Project Management at MSC Business College.

She says as her Miss Limpopo reign ends this year, she will be planning to enter Miss Mamelodi Sundowns in September and October this year and go for the ultimate Miss South African pageant in 2019.

“I’m entering these pageants like any other contestant would. Ill follow procedure to enter as if I was never Miss Limpopo. I want more for my province in terms of pageants and want to be in the frontline of getting the more that I desire not only for myself but all other Miss SA aspirants from Limpopo. Somebody had to show us that these mountains can be moved,” gushed Mokwatlo.

The model turned beauty queen lauds her late grandmother as her hero and a person who is responsible for her being the young woman she is and for putting education first.

“My late grandma, Sophia Mokwatlo is still my role model. She was a hardworking woman who strived for independence, not just for herself but generations after her by ensuring we are well educated and she equipped us to provide for ourselves but one thing I still carry with me is her unwavering faith and relentless spirit. My sister is also my role model, she’s the kindest person I know.

“I grew up as the last of three siblings to a single mother and we are a close knit family, filled with a lot of love who celebrate achievements, milestones, Christmas and every other opportunity we can find together. I was taught to give my best at everything I do and as a result in the earlier ages of my life, I was an over achiever in everything, extramural and academia,” she bragged.

Ever since she was crowned on the 8th of December last year Mokwatlo says being the queen of Limpopo has been an eye opener to her capabilities as an individual, broadened her knowledge and certainly reassured in terms of her future plans.

She said she would use the title to empower and help change the lives of other people across the province.

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