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Mathabatha warns comrades who sell “venomous propaganda”

  • by African Times
  • 12 Months ago
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Stan Mathabatha


LIMPOPO ANC chairperson and Premier Stan Mathabatha has warned members who spread “venomous propaganda” against the party that their counter revolutionary tendency will not be tolerated.

Addressing the provincial ANC Lekgotla held in Mokopane this week, the re-elected provincial ANC boss threw down the gauntlet to comrades who use the media to fuel hostilities against the movement ahead of the all-important general elections next year. The provincial executive committee (PEC) Lekgotla brings together party leaders, mayors and senior deployees to chat a programme of action for the year.

Mathabatha reminded his fellow comrades that the 2019 polls were by far the most important elections in the party’s history and members needed to do away with selling venomous propaganda to the media to get their way.

“The worrying factor in this regard is that there appears to be a counter-revolutionary tendency amongst some of our members to fuel hostilities against the movement through the media. There appears to be a tendency of some amongst us who have a reason to sell a venomous propaganda against the movement and its leadership to the media,” exclaimed Mathabatha.

He said that he was concerned about having to operate in the face of the opposition that was gaining momentum, and the media that swayed the battle of ideas in favour of these reactionary forces in the party.

“You can see from the content of some stories that these are manufactured from home. The playground of this is social media in twitter, Facebook and fake media.

“We condemned this tendency during the Provincial Conference and during the Special PGC [Provincial General Council], and we continue to condemn it now. This tendency has to stop if we are to prepare the movement for total victory in the coming government elections,” said Mathabatha.

He outlined the purpose of the gathering saying that its purpose was to refine a Programme of Action as developed in the provincial elective conference, that saw Mathabatha re-elected unopposed, and the recently held PGC in Polokwane.

“The Programme to be adopted in this Lekgotla will go a long way in directing our organisational and political activities throughout the province.

“This Programme is also expected to direct the work and priorities of our government, from local municipalities, district municipalities and the provincial departments. When government meet in its EXCO Lekgotla in the next few weeks, all these decisions should be adopted with immediacy,” said Mathabatha.The Premier emphasized that the outcomes of the meeting would have a far reaching effect for the province. He said that even the work of the private sector would be affected or directed by the outcomes of the meeting.

Mathabatha also congratulated the recent election victory of Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) despite the outcome being taken to court by opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

“Allow me to take this opportunity to express our congratulatory message to Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front on its resounding victory during the recently held Zimbabwean National Harmonised Elections. The massive victory of Zanu- PF confirms that the liberation movements continue to enjoy massive support from the oppressed masses of our people,” he added.

Limpopo ANC spokesperson, Donald Selamolela told African Times at the close of the provincial Lekgotla that the gathering focused on the outstanding infrastructure promises, namely water and roads.

“The Lekgotla has resolved more on infrastructure, the fact that we must speed up promises we made especially around water and roads. These are burning issues and Lekgotla has called on the deployees to ensure that all these things are prioritised,” said Selamolela.

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