About Us

“I launched African Times because of my passion for top quality journalism and for strong independent African owned and run media in South Africa. African Times gives pride of voice to Africans in South Africa, and beyond.

I am committed, as the editor of African Times to provide an authentic and progressive platform for readers and advertisers”  – Piet Rampedi: Editor of African Times


African Times is a weekly regional newspaper which launched in August 2016, under the editorship of well known and award winning print and broadcast journalist Piet Rampedi. African Times is a 100% black owned newspaper, with stories told by Africans, for Africans in South Africa and beyond.

African Times contributes to media diversity in South Africa by offering a fresh, independent voice, with a unique and authentic Afrocentric perspective. African Times is a full-colour, 32 page weekly newspaper distributing across 4 Provinces (Limpopo, Gauteng, parts of Mpumalanga and the North West Province) and is set to expand nationally.

African Times has a vibrant and fully fledged online and social media presence, and enjoys a receptive and responsive following.

African Times News is a wholly owned subsidiary of  Mohlakamotala Media PTY Ltd