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Residents launch man-hunt for criminal suspect

  • by Piet Rampedi
  • 3 Years ago
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A GROUP of residents has launched a man-hunt for a suspected criminal who is allegedly behind a string of car theft and house break-ins in the area.

The suspect, from Mafarana village near Tzaneen in Limpopo, is accused of having gone on a crime spree in his area as well as the neighbouring villages of Ntsako, Bonn and Mulati near Letsitele.

Now angry residents have threatened to take the law into their own hands if they find him.

They accuse the police of not doing enough to fight crime in the area.

“Even after trying to work hand in hand with them, supplying them with information, we still see these criminals roaming around our streets and that put our lives in danger because they know we are part of [efforts] to bring them down,” said one resident.

Another one added: “It’s either our police eat with these criminals, or they are scared of them, or they just don’t take us seriously as residents.”

Limpopo provincial police spokesman Captain Ndidzulafhi Nelufule confirmed that Letsitele police were investigating the matter.

“The suspect is on the run and police are looking for him in connection with theft,” he said.

In April, the same community frog marched the suspect’s father from Mafarana and warned him to never set his foot back in the village.

Villagers accused the pensioner of hiding information about his son’s whereabouts and his criminal activities.

This was after angry found stolen goods in the old man’s house, which he shared with the suspect, when they joined Letsitele police on a door to door man-hunt for criminals.

Although the old man said he had no idea how the goods ended up at his house, residents would have none of it.

Community leader Peter Mushwana said: “The old man told everyone that he also didn’t know where his son was, but it was later established that he lied, so the community chased him from the village.”

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