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  • Malema warns EFF party agents against food poisoning on voting day

Malema warns EFF party agents against food poisoning on voting day

  • by Piet Rampedi
  • 3 Years ago
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EFF leader Julius Malema has warned his party’s agents against food poisoning ahead of Wednesday’s hotly contested local government elections.

He claimed that the ANC would give them poisoned food so they could steal votes while EFF agents spent time in the toilets or even hospitals.
“Party agents you must not sleep. You must not eat ANC food. It will make you to have a running stomach,” said Malema while addressing his party’s final local government election campaign rally at the Peter Mokaba stadium in Polokwane, Limpopo, on Sunday.

WARNING: EFF leader Julius Malema has warned his party agents against food poisoning at Wednesday's local government elections.

WARNING: EFF leader Julius Malema has warned his party agents against food poisoning at Wednesday’s local government elections.

He told thousands of EFF members who packed the 45 000-seater venue that the ANC would “steal” votes while they were nursing themselves with “thieves’ food.”
“You know they stole our votes in 2014, but this time don’t give them any chance to steal our votes,” he said.
“Comrades, don’t provoke anyone, just don’t compromise especially if members of the IEC are biased. If you see a problem, communicate, we will intervene.”

The EFF Commander-in-Chief wished rival parties well and appealed for fair play, saying “let us play a fair game, let’s not kill our people because we have uncontrollable ambitions for power”.

Malema urged South Africans to give his party a chance to change the lives of poor people.

He said his parliamentary track record was proof that the EFF delivered on its promises.

Malema said his party’s main promise ahead of the 2014 general election was to ensure that President Jacob Zuma paid back the money spent on non-security features at his private home in Nkandla, northern KwaZulu-Natal.

“He will pay it, whether he likes it or not he will pay. Now if you don’t trust us, EFF is whipping in parliament, there is no time to sleep,” Malema boasted.  “Now we want to take over Limpopo.”

The Constitutional Court has since ordered Zuma to reimburse the taxpayer for the Nkandla non-security expenditure.

The National Treasury has put that figure at just over R7 million.

Malema said the primary struggle for the voters was not to acquire free T-shirts and food parcels, because they would not secure the futures of the younger generation by providing jobs and education.
“You are prepared to vote for corruption in exchange for T-shirts, you must stop those things. We don’t want to give you food parcels, we want to give you jobs so that you can buy your own food and stop eating expired food parcels,” the EFF leader added.

“You cannot eat T-shirt. They gave you T-shirts since 1994, but still you don’t have jobs, they gave T-shirts since 1994, you don’t have houses. We are appealing to South African to stop loving free T-shirts over the future of your children,” he adds.

Malema assured students that his party would continue to fight for free and quality education.

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