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CDM sustains unqualified audit three times in a row

  • by African Times
  • 2 Years ago
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Capricorn District Municipality has for third consecutive year received unqualified audit opinion for 2015\2016 financial year.

According to CDM executive mayor John Mpe, the unqualified audit outcome proves that the municipality has managed to improve its financial performance and deliver service to the people.

During a council meeting on Monday, Mpe labelled the outcome as a great achievement that proved the municipal dedication and responsibility in taking a further step to deal with challenges experienced by the municipality. The municipality has already tabled its comprehensive audit action plan towards clean audit.

“It is a wish of every institution to want to achieve good audit performance, but there is a lot of hard work, expertise and commitment that go into achieving it. It is more than just about accounting. It is about compliance and accountability” stated Mpe.

The municipality has thus far experienced the staff turnover in management, the resignation of the chief financial officer, the acting capacities across management and other adverse factors.

“This means that we are succeeding in the implementation of our internal controls and how we report. The fact that we managed to satisfy the AG yet again in this reporting period means we are getting the basics right, and thanks to our sound financial management systems and strong political will”.

He further stated that the Auditor-General did not identify any recurring deficiencies in the municipal financial reporting but the municipality will make advances towards clean audit.

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